My name is Paula Pappenheim, I hail from Madrid and my passion is to create pattern desings and illustrations full of life, magic and color, so you can immerse yourself in them and live with beauty.

In 2006, I founded Pappenpop, a design studio specializing in exclusive illustrations for printing on all types of surfaces and products: fashion garments and accessories, textiles for home decor, wallpaper, rugs, floor tiles, packaging, porcelains and endless everyday objects.

For me each project is unique and personal. I am inspired by collaborations with recognized national and international brands, as well as initiatives with emerging companies. My illustrations are already present in much of Europe, as well as Japan, Brazil, South Africa, or the United States.

I work with each of my clients in a totally personalized way, to achieve the best possible combination of my prints with their products. Decorative beauty transcends what is merely aesthetic and becomes something tangible, something that will be reflected in their sales.

What has been said about Pappenpop in the press:

“The imaginary of Paula Pappenheim is infinite. Starting from nature, her work explores forms meticulously, fragments them and recreates them with a vanguard style that is difficult to forget ”

“Its chic aesthetic gives it a sweeping character while delicate, a personality that definitely makes you fall in love at first sight”

Immerse yourself in the Pappenpop universe!



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