Skirt Japanese Orchid

Pappenpop - Orquídeas Japonesas

Skirt Japanese Orchid Choose Your Style is a fashion and accessories start up from Japan, which focuses on the quality, originality and exclusivity of its prints.

 This skirt is its first design and I am very proud to be part of this team with my illustrations.
Once again it is shown that there are no borders […]

Custo Barcelona Sensual fashion

custo - Colección Sensual

Custo Barcelona Sensual fashion Sensual Pappenpop pattern design collection for fashion, for Spring Summer 2010, presented on the New York catwalk during the Mercedes Benz fashion week.  These illustrations show an exquisite mix of hand drawn line illustrations along with traditional collage elements. Lips, perfumes, makeups, and jewelry fuse together in perfect harmony. An insinuating […]

Custo Barcelona Glamoure fashion

Custo - Colección Glamoure

Glamoure Collectionfor Custo Barcelona Pappenpop illustrations for fashion prints for Custo-Barcelona. Spring – Summer collection, for 2012, presented at the Mercedes Benz, New York Fashion Week.  My inspiration for these illustrations is based on the mystique and glamour of the night. They are patterns created using traditional collage techniques with a high level of detail, […]

Cantao Tropic fashion

Cantao Tropic fashion Cantao is a renowned Brazilian fashion brand, which marks the difference with its pattern designs that display fabulous colors and exuberant tropical vegetation.  For these illustrations, I wanted to unite vibrant designs which portray the jungle colors and tropical forests, as well as Brazil’s culture, with their vitality and happiness. Lively colorful […]

El Corte Inglés young fashion

COLECCION de Easy Wear, para El corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés young fashion Surface pattern designs for fashion, for the women’s collections from Easy Wear, a brand from El Corte Inglés. I designed this collection of patterns for the El Corte Inglés young women’s clothing brand, Easy Wear. The prints, inspired by feathers, flowers, cashmeres and tropical palm trees, were specially conceived for […]

Hoss Intropía Prints

Hoss Intropía Prints Thought provoking Pappenpop illustration for the autumn winter 2010-2011 collection by the wonderful fashion brand, Hoss Intropía.  This surface pattern is inspired by guiloché and spirographic styles: where the infinite crossing of multiple lines creates new and much sought-after forms. This abstract and very modern drawing stands out because of the feeling […]