The motorcycle ‘Harley Custo’ created by Pappenpop for Custo Barcelona, is a unique piece, with illustrations full of life and color for the most iconic motorcycle in the world.

This exclusive Pappenpop illustration collection has been entirely hand painted by me and later applied on the Harley, by Ferry Clot, a designer and motorcycles builder, two-timed custom constructor champion. A perfect harmony has been reached. A unique piece with Mediterranean touches, with a fresh and colorist style with rose tones, yellows and blues inspired by dragster racers. Depicting both the essence and values of the Harley Davidson and Custo Barcelona brands: free and transcendent spirit with a positive and spontaneous vision of life. This unique piece was auctioned in the summer of 2010 and the money that was raised went to San Juan De Dios Foundation. Adventure, color and passion Pappenpop on wheels!

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