Sally Hambleton Collages

Collection of Pappenpop collages for the Sally Hambleton contest on social media.
I am in love and inspired by Sally’s unique way of arranging and designing sets of flowers and nature objects. A wonderful universe that takes me back to the paintings of the Golden Age and especially to the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam; home to some of the most beautiful still life paintings and flower arrangements in the history of Flemish painting and to endless masterpieces.

Some of the original works that I have been inspired by for this work: Still life with fruits and flowers, Balthasar van der Ast. Flower arrangement in Chinese vase by Sally Hambleton, photographed by Juan Carlos de Marcos for AD. The MilkMaid, Johannes Vermeer, Dutch painter par excellence.

This time in the history of art has been a great passion and constant inspiration in my life and in my designs!

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Sally Hambleton as “The Milkmade”. The photographer Juan Carlos de Marcos and the stylist Loreto López-Quesada recreate the light of the paintings of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer in a mythical production for AD Spain.