Silk scarves Paula Anta

Collaboration with the artist Paula Anta.
Pappenpop designs for silk scarves, inspired by her exhibition: KNOTS, TOPOLOGIES OF MEMORY, from the Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid.

“The beauty of this chaotic arrangement lies in its discovery located from the most minute and internal of us, to proportions that are almost inaccessible to our imagination. For example, these vegetal tangles can be found in the drawings of the neuronal connections themselves (neuronal forest ) or in the movements of gravitationally bound galaxies that move generating lines in our visual imagination. We thus discover that the external is in ourselves.”

Paula Anta’s work has been shown both in individual and group exhibitions as well as in institutional centers such as CA2M, Tabacalera, Matadero, Museo del Traje, Alcobendas Art Center, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Casa de América, Academia de San Fernando, Canal de Isabel II in Madrid, the CCCB in Barcelona, ​​La Laboral in Gijón, Centro Niemeyer in Avilés, the Domus Artium DA2 in Salamanca, Las Cigarreras Cultural Center in Alicante, Museo Molinos del Río in Murcia, as well as in several editions of the International photography festival, Photoespaña.

Thank you Paula! I admire your work a lot and I hope it is the first of many collaborations.

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Neuronal Forest, Paula Anta.

Neuronal Forest, Paula Anta.

Exhibition of the artist Paula Anta, Knots: Memory Topologies, in El Real Jardín Botánico.