Textiles & Wallpapers Equipo DRT

Sarabande Collection for Equipo DRT. Pappenpop prints for textiles, upholstery and wallpaper.

An exquisite collection of surface pattern designs orchestrating the rhythm of the Sarabande, a slow dance written in a baroque style, which is different from the rest because the second and third beats are often joined, creating a different rhythm. The illustrations emphasize the crossing and dancing of the flowers, ornaments, and other details and textures in the compositions. In turn, the various layers and structures act as windows to show new patterns that intensify and bring richness in detail to the designs. Just as in a flowing dance between couples, in Sarabande the masculine and the feminine play their role, uniting and resulting in designs that pass between the graphic and the organic, the structured and the fluid. Beautify your home with this great and romantic collection.

Order it now at www.equipo-drt.es

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Motion graphics by Jurriaan Hos