Choose Your Style is a fashion and accessories start up from Japan, which focuses on the quality, originality and exclusivity of its prints.

This skirt is its first design and I am very proud to be part of this team with my illustrations.
Once again it is shown that there are no borders for art and design, that beauty is cross-cultural and that it greatly enriches having Spanish designers on the Asian continent; where since ancient times there is already so much graphic culture. Its details, its sensitivity, the contrasts and graphics of the manga drawings, or the flowers, are part of its imagery and style.
Pappenpop has always had a great fascination and a very special attraction for this Japanese universe.
Enjoy the elegance of this timeless skirt, in black and white, with fuchsia and yellow touches.

You can enter their website to buy the product directly.

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Pappenpop - Orquídeas Japonesas
Pappenpop - Orquídeas Japonesas